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A car is traveling south at a speed of 68 mi/h from Dallas toward San Antonio. Dallas is about 272 miles north of San Antonio. A truck is traveling north from San Antonio to Dallas at a speed of 71 mi/h. When and where will they pass each other?
1. Create a table to record the highway distance from San Antonio for 0-5 hours in one-hour intervals.

2. Graph the information in your table. Put time on the x-axis.3. What do the y-intercepts on your graph mean?

4. Where do the cars pass each other?

5. Which vehicle reaches its’ destination first?

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    I will assume you meant to state that they left at the same time.
    Let the distance covered by the southbound be x
    let the distance covered by the northbound be 272-x

    time for southbound = x/68
    time for northbound = (272-x)/71

    solve: x/68 = (272-x)/71
    71x = 18496 - 68x
    139x = 18496
    x = 133.06

    the southbound car went 133.06 , and the northbound went 138.94 miles when they met
    time = 133.06/68 = 1.957 hrs

    ( check: 138.94/71 = 1.957 hrs )

    Just follow the instructions for the remaining part of the question.

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