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how do i solve this: a Train leaves Poughkeepsie to grand central station in NYC at an average speed of 40 mph. a half hour later an express train leaves poughkeepsie station to NYC at a speed of 50 mph. both trains arrive at NYC the same time. based on this info calculate the distance between poughkeepsie and NYC

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    let the distance be x miles
    time for first train = x/40
    time for second train = x/50

    x/40 - x/50 = 1/2
    times 200
    5x - 4x = 100
    x = 100
    Distance is 100 miles

    check: to go 100 miles at 40 mph takes 100/40 hrs = 2.5
    to go 100 miles at 50 mph takes 100/50 = 2hrs.
    Does it take 1/2 less ? YES

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