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This is due tonight! Please help!

18.How did America’s Involvement change after the fall of France and the air war against Britain?

Congress declared war on Germany
There was no formal change of policy
American advisors trained the resistance
The President admitted “disappointment”

19. This policy stated that the US would assist any nation who was opposing Communism:

Totalitarian Expansionism
The Lend-Lease Act
The Truman Doctrine
The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

20. How did President Truman finally resolve his differences with General MacArthur?

Appointed him Secretary of War
Appointed him Vice President
Fired his wife from the Post Office
Fired him


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    Your answer for 19 is right. The other two are wrong.

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    Can you help me with the other two? Send me a link I can find the answers or something?

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    Goodness: 20

    18 is a really bad question. How far after? A is true, after those events, and after Pearl Harbor (a year an a half). B is possible, but bad. What is "formal Policy" Lord, we passed the Lend Lease act. THat is a law, which was violation of Neutrality, and Germany recognized it as so, and sunk a US ship.
    c. was true, but a very, very minor effort.
    d. True, but not a significant historically reaction. Roosevelt did much more important things: transfer 50 destroyers to Britian, and got the Lend Lease passed.

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    It does not state how far after!? That is why I had no idea what the answer was. 20 I have not even studied so like I said a link or some help with be great.

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    As Bobpursley said, there is no good answer. However, he identified a possible answer.

    Read this for the answer to 20.

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    McAurther was fired.

    I would go with B on the first one, and make plans to change schools. Trying to answer questions such as this is a gross waste of time for you. What in the world will it do to make you educated, or develop your analytical skills?

    Why are you taking a test for which you have not "even studied".

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    Thanks for the help. I have been searching for these answers for awhile today! I did study but that question was not in the material. This is a online school of which they barely help and when they do it takes like a whole day or more sometimes for a response.

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