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Please check my essay if it's good btw this is a DBQ. Also what else should I add to my conclusion. My ss teacher said that it can be 2-3 sentences.

Native Americans

Before Columbus, Native American cultures civilization often grew in relation to their surroundings. The homes, village and cities are examples of how they made changes to live in their environment. These changes also showed up in how they hunted and farmed.
The different homes that the Native Americans built were based on their environment. For example, the Anasazis built the homes into the sides of mountains to protect themselves from the climate, enemies and wild animals as they lived in desert. Their homes were called "Pueblos" and made using adobe. Adobe is a made a mixture of clay and straw (Doc 1). According to Document 2 Inuit’s built igloos using snow and ice as they lived in an arctic region. To keep warm while hunting, the Inuit used seal skin to line igloos walls. The igloos housed 2 families during the winter.
There are many ways the Native Americans hunt or farm to survive. For example, The Plains Indians use every part of the Buffalo to make tools, weapons, clothes, and food. The Plain Indians had a variety of ways of hunting the buffalos like shooting the buffalo in the forehead with a plunger-gun that fires plungers and use the Buffalo’s skin as camouflage and hide in the grass for them to shoot them to capture them (Doc 5). According to Document 4 the Iroquois men used hoes (made of fish bones and wooden sticks) to loosen the soil. Most of the Iroquois men did all the hunting. They hunt deer, moose, bears and other small animals. Mothers did the planting of the crops like corn, beans, and squash called the “3 Sisters” and take care of their children. The reason they called it the 3 sisters is because they were planted together to help each other grow. They made holes with sticks and planted the seeds of beans and maize (corn).
There are many, many ways the Native Americans can do to hunted and farmed to live in their environment.

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    What was the question?

    What is the source of your information?

    It does not look like your work.

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    It is my work it's not like I coyped it the first 2 paragraph we did it as a class but on the second i add my deatils and 3rd i did it my self. I used my notes and handouts 2 complete this my question was if u can check it if it's good and edit it.

    but it doesnt matter I already got it covered already

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