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A mover pushes a couch a distance of 4 m to the top of a ramp into the back of a truck using 500 N of force.
A) What is the work input of the mover?
B) What is the mover’s power if the task takes 10s?
C) If the mass of the couch is 100 kg and the back of the truck is 1.5 m high, what is the work output of the ramp?
D) What is the efficiency of the ramp?
E) What is the mechanical advantage of the ramp?
F) What is the ideal mechanical advantage of the ramp?

  • physics -

    work= force*distance
    power= work/time
    work output= mgh
    efficiency= output/input
    MA= 500/mg
    Ideal MA= 4/1.5

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