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Shall I use the present simple when describing the various parts of the Mariner's tale? Thank you for your corrections.

1) The ancient mariner narrates of how he and his fellow mariners reach(ed) the equator ad the Polar regions after a violent storm. After several days an sign of good omen, appears through the fog.
2) The killing of the albatross is significant (?) in two ways.
3) In the third part the Mariner's guilty soul becomes conscious of his isolation in (from?) the world.
4) The albatross ate food it had never eaten before and flew around the ship. The ice split as (?) the sound of thunder and the helmsman steered them through.
5) The mariner is passive in guilt and remorse. From his paralysis of conscience the Mariner succeeds in gaining his authority (I can't understand it), though he pays for it by remaining in the condition of an outcast.

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    1. delete "narrates of" and insert "tells" -- and, not ad -- delete "an sign of" and the comma, and insert "a" in front of "good omen"

    3. comma needed; guilty conscience (not soul); is aware, instead of becomes conscious; isolation from the world

    5. Re-think and use simpler words.

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