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a spinner has regions numbered through 1-21

what is the probability that the spinner will stop on an even number or a multiple of 3..

I am confused.
I keep coming up with 17/21

but the real answer is 2/3

how how how ?


    Even number = 10/21

    Multiple of 3 = 7/21

    10/21 + 7/21 = 17/21

    Guess what? I keep coming up with 17/21 too.

    Book typo?


    A= 16/21

    You need to remember that 6 is also an even number, so you can't count it twice as it is only one number. So you have 10 possible even numbers, plus 7 possible numbers that are multiples of 3, minus 1 multiple of 3 (the number 6) because you already counted it in your even numbers.


    A spinner has 5 sections labeled 1 through 5. The probability of randomly spinning an even number is 2/5. What is the probability of not spinning an even number?

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