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Could you please check these sentences, please? Thank you very much for your invaluable help.

1) This TV programme concerns young people with discipline problems. They are sent to different parts of the world and live with families with very strict parents.
2) The first episode followed two ill-behaved British teenagers. They stayed with a family in Alabama for a week.
3) They couldn't smoke or use bad language. The new parents checked their bags for cigarettes and listened to their songs to see if they contained bad language.
4) At first, the two teens were upset and angry but then they respected the new parents for giving them rules, and when they arrived home, they behaved better than before.
5) The first episode of Kid Nation deals with (refers to/introduces??) a group of young people, who had to work in an abandoned town for forty days. They had to organise their life without the help of adults.
6) There was a prize for the person who helped most in each episode. When they came back, most of them were positive about the experience because they learned a lot and felt independent.

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    4. Comma needed.

    5. No comma after "people" -- use "lives" in the second sentence since you're referring to "They".

    Everything else is fine.

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