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The student will describe the causes events and results of the French Indian war.

The student will explain the economic relationship between the colonists and Britian.

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Can anyone help me? And, please don't tell me to go to wikipedia.... It did not help.

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    First of all, go back to those Wikipedia pages and look AT THE BOTTOM -- there should be References and External links down there that could prove helpful.

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    Read WIDELY in the following search results -- take good notes.



    (Watch the spelling of Britain.)

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    Do you have any specific sites. I already did those things. I have LITERALY been trying to answer these questions for 4 hours and 17 minutes.

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    Alice/John... -- Don't bother switching names. We can see you're posting from the same computer.

    Please keep in mind that no one here will do your reading and thinking for you. There are very specific sites within those search results. Read and think.

    Then write up what you have thought of for each of your questions. A history teacher will be online later today who can help you with specifics if you will post what you already know.

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    I'm not swithching names, that's my brother. We're both homeschooled but we share the same computer. My parent can't afford 2.

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    Alright.. I think that some of the reasons were that the British and the french wanted the same land. And the British are trying to take over the Frencc fur trading Buisness.
    He thinks that the Britsh were mad at the colonies for moving past the alpachian mountains....
    Who is correct?

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    OH and if you can see that we're posting from the same computer, can you see where we live?

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    Yes, we can see which city you live in!

    There is NOT only one cause of this war. Read the first 4 paragraphs here very carefully.

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    Thank you very much.


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    You're welcome.

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