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I need help in a thematic web including an activity plan for the 10 domains. I have sent my homework in three times and I don't know what else to do. Please help a 63 year old.

  • curriculum development project -

    Here's information about thematic webs.

    What do you mean by "10 domains?"

  • curriculum development project -

    dramatic play

  • curriculum development project -

    the 10 domains are
    dramatic play
    music and movement
    sensory centers

  • curriculum development project -

    I'm sorry, but your question doesn't make sense to me.

    When teaching any children, you need to define a goal for each activity.

    What do you want the children to learn?
    How are you going to teach them?
    What activities will you use to teach them?

    The old game, Simon Says, is a good tool for teaching language skills.

    Music and rhythm can be taught using "The Hokey Pokey."

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