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During a baseball game, a batter hits a pop- up to a fielder 78 m away.
The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 .
If the ball remains in the air for 5.8 s, how high does it rise?

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    it was at the top at time 5.8/2=2.9sec

    how high was it? It fell in 2.9s

    h= 1/2 g t^2=1/2 g 2.9^2

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    It spends 2.9s going up and 2.9s coming down.

    Coming down, it falls
    height = (g/2)t^2 = (4.9)*2.9^2 = 41.2 meters.

    The distance of the fielder is not needed.

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