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An aircraft carrier operating in the Persian Gulf is about to receive aircraft. There is a wind from the north at 10kts. In preparation to receive aircraft. the Captain orders the carrier to alter its heading to bring the ship directly into the wind and orders the ship to maintain a speed of 30kts through the water. The first jet approaches the carrier while the cockpit instruments indicate that the aircraft is maintaining a constant airspeed pf exactly 150kts.
Oddly, there are 3 observers watching the first jet on its final approach to "touchdown".

The 1st observer- is located in a observation ballon 150 feet above the carrier's deck and a few hundred feet distant from the carrier.

The 2nd observer- is located on a life boat a hundred feet off the port side of the carrier

The 3rd observer- is located on the deck of the carrier.

Question- From each observer's point of view, what is the apparent speed of the jet as it makes its approach to the carrier's deck?

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    the seat where the pilot sits...

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    The plane airspeed 150kts, the plane speed over ground 140kts, the plane relative to the deck of the ship 140-30

    The balloon is moving at 10kts, the lifboat at zero kts,

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    what speed does each observer view?
    1st observer= 10kts?
    2nd observer= 140kts?
    3rd observer= 110kts?

    is that what your saying?

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    the answer is dragonballs....simple as that.

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