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Could you please recommend me a site where students can learn how to write cohesive and grammatically correct paragraphs?
They are asked to write ten-line paragraphs on each of the literary and historical topic dealt with in their
book but their grammar is very poor and don't know how to use punctuation and sentence connectors appropriately.

Could you please check these sentences,too? Thank you.
1) She managed to make England a seafaring trade power and a rich country.
Correction: ......a seafaring and commercial power.
2) He is worried about the witches' prophecy about Banquo.
The witches give a prophecy to Macbeth.
3) She wanted to defeat Spain and did it destroying (or by destroying) his huge fleet called the Invincible Armada.
4) The apron stage is separated from the inner stage by a curtain.
5) Macduff was torn (is "taken" possible?) from his mother's womb by a surgeon.

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