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I've chosen five sentences but I hope the other were possible.Thank you.

1) What are people intolerant about (is "of" also possible)? They are intolerant about the color of the skin, religion and clothes.
2) In the past, she got hurt (is "offended" possible?) by people's comments.
3) It's better not to get offended by people's comments. We should try as much as possible to be tolerant about (of?) people of other religions or with a different skin color.
4)We shouldn't judge people by the way they are dressed (clothes style?) but by their character. We shouldn't judge people by appearances.
5) I think Jews and Palestinians, Muslims and Christians should learn how to live together and suspend hostilities.

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    1. Usually "of" but "about" works, too.

    2. Yes, both are possible.

    3. "of" (not "about")

    4. delete words in parentheses

    5. OK

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    take out ( ).

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