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Could you please check the word choice? Thank you very much.

1) Mary admits that she has always fancied Ian. Ian started chatting her up at Jessie's party. However, another girl turned up and Ian had a row with her.
2) At first, Mary didn't realize that the two of them were going out together.
3) Then, the girl dumped him right there and Ian came back to her. She was so disappointed (by his behaviour) that
she ignored him and went away.
4) The singer regrets having left the apartment. On that day he should have stayed in and watched TV.
5) If he had run back for the phone, he wouldn't be in this mess right now.
He also regrets not having left all his cash home and taken a credit card instead.
6) At the end of the song he implores the robbers not to take all his money (away) Or rob (?)
7)I can't rephrase the sentence: "It shouldn't've clicked when indecision reared its question mark." Before that Grace Jones says that his car couldn't get started on that day.

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    See your earlier post for #s 1 - 3.

    4. OK

    5. OK

    6. comma needed; ... not to rob him.

    7. I don't understand the reference here: "It shouldn't've clicked ..." Please explain.

    Before that, Grace Jones says that he couldn't get his car started on that day.

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