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The empirical formula for Brilliant Blie dye is C37 H34 N2 O9 S3 Na2, and the formula weight is 792.86 g/mol. How would you prepare a 4.73 X 10^-6 M solution of Brilliant Blue dye? How many grams of the dye do you need to add to a 1.00 L of water to make this solution?

I have no idea what this question is asking. Do you need to calculate a number or just explain what to do to create the dye? Thank you for your help because I am lost!!!

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    grams= Molarity*volumeinliters*molmass
    = 4.73E-6*1*792.86 grams

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    I think the problem is asking for a detailed explanation of how to prepare 1 L of the soln including calculations.
    You want a 4.73E-4M soln which means you want 4.73E-4 moles/L soln.
    So you weigh the number of grams to obtain 4.73E-4 moles (moles = grams/molar mass), place that in a 1L volumetric flask, add enough water to dissolve all of the dye, then add additional water to the mark of the volumetric flask. Note that I did NOT (repeat NOT) say to add the grams of dye to 1 L water.

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