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How to prepare 10% w/v nitric acid solution?
Do I just weigh 10g of concentrated nitric acid (65%) and dilute to 100ml with water?

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    No. No. No.

    W/v the v is the volume of solution, not solute.

    so you want this:

    .10= massnitricacid/volumewater+volume acid.

    Now the mass of acid is .65 the mass of the acid concentrate (or .35 water).

    So lets some 10PC w/v.

    Say we need V of this. So V=volume water+ volumeconcacid

    but mass acid= .65*massconcacid.

    but if you have the volume of concentrated acid, you need the density.

    mass acid=.65*volumeconcacid*density


    so if you want 100 ml of the final solution..

    .10= .65*volumeacid*density/100
    solve for ml of conc acid, then add the acid to water (100ml-volumeacid).

    always add acid to water.

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