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Can you please check if everything is OK? Thank you

1)The witches predict Macbeth that he would be Thane of Cowdor.
2)They predict that he will be Thane...
James I wrote in the Demonology what he thought witches were able to do.
Corr: In his book "Demonology" James I listed the characterestics of witches.
3)The main stage was five feet high from the ground. Correction: it raised five feet from the ground.
4)No man of woman born/no man born of woman can hurt Macbeth (both possible?)
5) There were three different main stages (I think main is not appropriate because the main theatre was the apron stage)

  • English -

    2. Book titles = italicized or underlined

    3. The main stage was five feet above the floor of the theater.

    4. use only the second one.

    5. ... three different stages...

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