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When Andrew became a Roman Catholic priest, making the vow of celibacy was difficult, but he remained true to his commitment. Andrew found along the way that he had a talent for sculpting and began creating exquisite pieces of religious art. Sigmund Freud would say that Andrew’s artistic creations are a demonstration of:
A) reaction formation.
B) sublimation.
C) denial.
D) projection.

Im going with A. Am I right?

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    Assistance needed.

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    Is it D?

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    I have no idea. You need to wait for a tutor who has this expertise.

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    Check this site.

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    Expressing socially disproved of tendencies in a socially approved of manner is sublimation.

    Reaction formation is acting the exaggerated opposite of your tendencies.

    Projection is attributing your unacceptable motives to others.

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