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I'm posting you a paragraph I wrote containing phrasal verbs. This is more urgent than the previous one. Thank you.

1) My friend looked very upset so I thought she needed to brighten up. I invited her to the cinema and she accepted. I thought popcorns would cheer her up.
2) I told her there was no point in being hung up about boys. She broke down and told me her boyfriend had left her.
3) Her crying embarrassed me so I told her to calm down. We went outside for a walk so that she could cool down. When we went back home, I told her not to bottle up her feelings as she would tear herself apart thinking about her boyfriend.
4) I advised her she should jump at the chance to be single again. She began to warm to the idea and was taking to it enthusiastically.
5) The idea quickly began to grow on her and she began to pull herself together.

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    1. popcorn (no plural form for this word); everything else is OK.

    2. OK

    3. "cool off"

    4. OK

    5. OK

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