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A piece of metal alloy (a solution of metals) is made of gold and silver. It is 20% by mass silver. An irregularly shaped piece of this alloy contains 0.356 lb of gold. When the alloy is added to a graduated cylinder that contains 31.55 mL of alcohol, the level in the cylinder rises to 48.77 mL. If alcohol has a density of 0.890 g/cm³, what is the density of the alloy?

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    convert the lbs of gold to grams. That represents eighty percent of the mass of the alloy sample, so the mass of the sample is massgold/.8

    you know the volume of the sample(differences in the volumes of alcohol when submerged).

    density alloy= massalloy/volume

    Notice the density of the alcohol is given. That is a red herring.

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