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Many students fear the thought of college. It is not only the transition from high school that intimidates them, but large classrooms, two hour seminars, and worse part, the fear of failure is what keeps them from going. Hence either take shorter hours, gap years, or some even drop out because they think they can not handle it. But in truth, college is not that hard. There are only two essential steps to becoming a successful college student: daily and punctual attendance to class and dedication to your course work. By following these, regardless their age, or ability, a student soon becomes an A grade student with out any further hard work.

Can you please correct this.

This is for an illustrative essay and the subject is Successful students.

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    I won't correct the entire passage, but I'll point out a couple of things for you:

    ... and worse part ... <~~"worse" is a comparative, used when you are comparing two things (not three or five -- two!); what is the superlative form for this? what ... <~~ What is the subject for the verb "is"? Is it a singular or plural?

    Use the topics indexed here:

    Correct the rest, and re-post.

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    cat speling and sentence please

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