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A certain soccer team wins (W) with P(W)= 60%, loses(L) with P(L) = 30%, and ties (T) with P(T) = 10%. The team plays three games over the weekend.

a.Determine the elements of the event A that the team wins at least twice and does not lose.

b.Find P(A)

c.Determine the elements of the event B that the team wins, loses, and ties

d.Find (B)

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    a) Could be
    WWT -- 3 ways for that

    b) P(A) = .6^3 + 3(.6)^2 (.1) = ...

    c) WLT - 6 ways to arrange that

    d) P)B) = 6(.6)(.3)(.1) = ....

    you do the button pushing

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