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Which is generally a better credit term?
(a) 2 / 20 (b) 1 / 20 (c) 2 / 10 (d) 3 / 10 (e) 1 / 10

I am thinking its either b or e cause its 1 outta something and the others are 2 or 3 outta something so im not for sure how to figure out which is generally a better credit term so can someone please help me on that to figure it out i would greatly appreciate it.

  • Math -

    2/20 = 2/20
    1/20 = 1/20
    2/10 = 4/20
    3/10 = 6/20
    1/10 = 2/20

    So, which is best?

  • Math -

    1/20 i believe

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