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A  golfer  wants  to  drive  a  ball  a  distance  of  310  yards.    If  the  4-­‐wood  launches  the  ball  at  an  angle  at  15°   above  the  horizontal,  and  assuming  that  the  drive  is  over  level  ground  (i.e.  the  start  and  final  vertical   position  is  the  same;  vertical  displacement  is  zero),  what  must  be  the  initial  speed  of  the  ball  to  achieve   the  required  distance  (assume  a  perfectly  straight  drive).

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    Hmmm. The ball does not roll or bounce?

    Time in air:
    in the vertical, hf=hi+Vsin15*t-1/2 g t^2
    or 0=(VSin15-4.9t)t solve for t.

    then horizontal distance..

    solve for V

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