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I'm posting you the ones I'm most doubtful about.

1) The Romantics turned to earlier verse forms. They saw society as an evil (force?) which destroyed the individual's personality.
2) In some of them (?) this spirit of revolt led to ......In others (?) it led to the exaltation of the irrational an mystic aspects of life. Still others turned to an idealized form of Hellenism, inspired by the Greek cult of beauty.
3) Rousseau contrasted natural behaviour, which he considered as impulsive and unrestrained, with (or to) social behaviour, which was governed by reason.
4) Great emphasis was placed on (given to is possible???) the individual.
Great importance was given to the individual.
5) The poet was seen as a prophet divinely inspired because of (?) his greater knowledge of the world, imaginative capacity and greater sensibility (sensitivity??). Under the influence of German idealism, nature was thought to share the same feelings as man since they were both driven by the same animated principle.

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    1. ... as an evil force which ...

    2. Who are "some" and "others"?

    3. ... with social behaviour ...

    4. "placed on" is preferable.

    5. commas after "prophet" and "capacity"

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