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I still have two more parts I'd like you to revise. Thank you very much for the information!

1)Macbeth is regretful and upset by guilt. His sense of guilt makes him unable to act even to protect himself from discovery, and Lady Macbeth completes their plans.
2) Lady Macbeth is not free of guilt since she believes in Macbeth’s voices. She says he must get some water and wash away the blood from his hands which would reveal his having done the murder.
3) She notices for the first time the daggers he has brought with him from the scene of the crime and tells him to return them and to smear the faces of the grooms with blood.
4) The blood on his hands is a witness or sign of the murder. Macbeth refuses to return the daggers and she derides his weakness.
5) She tells him that sleeping and dead people are like pictures feared only by children.
6) A painted devil was an image of a devil painted in bright colours used in popular stage performances. Only children are frightened by such things because they think that the devils are alive; as she knows that Duncan is not alive she has nothing to fear from him. 7) If Duncan is bleeding, she will smear the grooms’ faces with blood and she goes to perform to task.

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    Didn't I already read these?

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