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1.In a two page double-space essay, using APA formatting, please respond to the following blog conversation that took place last year on a popular sports fan website. Cite 2 references that support your opinions.

When people sit around and have discussions about others many terms might come into the conversation describing the attributes of the people being talked about; the term 'class’ might come into the conversation. When I discuss people’s class level, I am not referring to how much money they make. I think of class as a combination of intelligence, education, manners, ethics, dress, speech, behavior, value system. With experience you can determine class within 5 seconds of seeing some people and with others it might take 20 seconds of conversation.

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    How would you like us to help you with this assignment?

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    I would like some help responding to the conversation?

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    Do you agree with that blog? Does it describe what class means to you? Why or why not?

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    what do you think about class. do you agree with the blog. i am stuck need help please

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    I certainly can't tell you what YOU think.

    Only YOUR opinion matters to your instructor.

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    i need help please

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    Study this article carefully. It will help you decide your opinion.


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    I need help Ms. Sue, would you write a sample paper

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    please some help

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