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Hi. I ahave this assignment for social studies ]

Here is the assignment


TASK: Your family and friends want to come to your town. Use the 5 themes of geography to describe your town to them. Give facts as well as other information that will make them want to stay.

Grading rubric:
Completed checklist 10 points
Map 30 points
Essay 40 points
Creativity 10 points
Neatness/Appearance 10 points

I have nothing to start with that's all

I have to make a map on where i live, write an essay desribeing it & do the checklist

Thank You !!! :)

  • Social Studies -

    1. Location:
    I believe this is your absolute location:
    Latitude: 40.8555
    Longitude: -74.1268
    You could say that it's about 41 degrees North and 74 degrees West.

    Describe your relative location. Tell your state and where it is in the state. How far is it to the nearest major cities?

    2. Place. What makes your city unique? Describe your city.

    Follow the other five themes.

  • Social Studies -

    Thank You !!! :)

  • Social Studies -

    You're welcome.

    But please use the same name for your posts.

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