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What is the last thing you should do before turning in your essay?
A.Write the secong draft.
B.proofread the essay to make it is free from errors.
C.Revise and edit,changing and rearranging the content.
D.All of the above.
i got D what do you think ?

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    I think if you are doing that you deserve to have start over.

    You should have written the second draft long ago.
    If you are revising and editing, and "rearranging" the content, I wonder what you were doing in the last two weeks?

    I would do a final proofread, making certain the pages are in the right order, have page numbers on them, and double checking the title page to absolutely make certain your name is on it. I actually turned in a paper in college without my name on it. Duh.
    Also, you need to make certain the pages are bound some way (staple, binder, or folder) so none fall out.

    So D? I don't think so.

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    So B ?

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    Do you have a text? If so, put the title and author here, I am most interested in what it is.

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    Yes, the answer is B.

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    thank you ms.sue and bob yes the title of my book is 'Introduction to highschool' and its from James madison high school. the book is for 9th graders. im in 9th grade

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    What page is the answer to this question on in that textbook. Look in the How to write an essay section.

    What concerns me is you are not getting the text support YOU NEED. Something is wrong, very wrong. I would like to see it fixed, or you will go nowhere at least for future education. Are your parents clued in on this? Maybe it would help if you asked your parents to find in that "text" where it talks about the Essay process, how you are to find the answer.
    Something is wrong, and I would like to see you get the right help. I am not lecturing you, but trying to understand why you are not finding the right answers to these process questions.

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    i know i read all of tha already no child is gonna have all the answers write they will try liek me i try then i post it to see if im write if not ill try again

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