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I have 2 questions.
Is there a powder that just contains insoluble fiber. I know that Benifiber and many other products contain soluble fiber or both soluble and insoluble fiber. But for the experament I have put together i need an insoluble fiber powder ONLY! I have not found any.
What do you think of my experament... will it work?
what is the difference between soluble & insoluble fiber? how does it benefit health?
i will measure the % & time of how long it takes to digest (dissolve) gelatin with insoluble fiber vs. soluble fiber. I am finding mass and & calculating %
tripple beam balance units= grams
my experament is putting soluble fiber powder in a cube of gelatin and insoluble fiber powder in another. i will put different chemicals(contact solution, water, tide detergent, stop remover, meat tenderizer) on different cubes of gelatine and seeing which breaks it down the fastest.
thank you!

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