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Two packing crates of masses m1 = 10.0 kg and m2 = 4.40 kg are connected by a light string that passes over a frictionless pulley as in the figure. The 4.40-kg crate lies on a smooth incline of angle 41.0°.

find the acceleration of the 4.4kg crate

find the tension in the string

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    it the incline up,or down?

    Assuming the m2 is going uphill towards the pulley.

    net pulling force= m1*g-m2*g*sinTheta
    retarding force= (m1+m2)a

    set them equal, solve for a.

    Tension: it is pulling against m2*g*sinTheta+m2*a

    so that is what tension is.

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    thanks that was really helpful

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