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I urgently need to check these sentences. I included an alternative in brackets.Thank you.

1) I went to Dublin two weeks ago with the school. (better with other students from my school and two teachers)
2) I attended a summer course in Dublin for two weeks. I stayed with a host family with my friend Davide.(better: my friend David and I stayed with the same host family).
3) We went to school in the mornings (we had lessons in the mornings). At the end of the lessons we walked inDublin and also visited some museums.
4) In (at) the weekend we made excursions (we went on bus tours to visit the surrunding area):
5) On a Saturday we went to Kilkenny, a medieval city and saw its sights. I also played rugby.
6) I like all of this holiday escept the food because the Irish use a lot of butter and they don't eat bread or pizza. (Correction: I really had a good time.
7) The only thing I didn't like about my holiday was the food because rish people use too much butter and don't eat pizza or pasta as we do).
For me it was a very good experience and hope to return next year.

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    All are fine except 2 things. In #4, write, 'On weekends, ... ' (Both in and at are incorrect.)

    Also, check the spelling of 'except' in #6.

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