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I included other sentences I turned into indirect speech. Where can I find exercises on the use of indirect speech so that I don't have to invent all the sentences myself? Thank you.

1) Why don’t we go for a walk? She suggested going for a walk.
2)I gave you my homework last week. She insisted giving me her homework the previous week
3)If you do that again, I’ll leave. She threatened that she would leave if I did that again.
4)“Please, give me another chance. She begged me to give her another chance.
5)“Who bought the Picasso painting?” She wanted to know/wondered who had bought the Picasso painting.
6)Do you work in the central branch or in the provinces? She wanted to know if I worked in the central branch or in the provinces.
7)It wasn’t me who stole the money. She denied that she had stolen the money/stealing the money.
8) She congratulated on passing my exam. (is "congratulate" always followed by "on"?)
9) She insisted on paying the bill.

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