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I'm finding it difficult to turn sentences (or better speech acts) into indirect speech. Can you please check my sentences (for making arrangements)?
Thank you!!

Making arrangements
1)“Is it OK if we to meet/if we meet at seven o’clock for dinner?”
2) “Would it suit you to meet a little earlier?”, she asked.
3)“Would it be better to meet/if we met a little earlier?”, she asked.
4)“Would you prefer it if we met a little earlier?”, she asked.
5)“What about/how about meeting at seven o’clock?” “Is seven o’clock OK (or is that too early for you)?/ How does seven o’clock for dinner sound?”

Indirect speech
1) She asked me if it was OK (with me) if we met at seven o’clock for dinner.
2) She wanted to know if it would suit me to meet a little earlier.
3) She wondered if it would be better to meet a little earlier.
4) She asked if I would prefer it if we met a little earlier.
5) She asked me if we could (?) meet at seven o’clock/if it seven o’clock was OK/ how seven o’clock sounded (?).

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    1. Good job -- but put "me" only once in this one -- either one is fine to keep, but then delete the other.

    2. and 3. = fine

    4. This sounds awkward; it'd be better like this: She asked if I would prefer to meet a little earlier.

    5. All are fine.

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    soooooooooooo whats your answer

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