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A linear charge of nonuniform density lambda(x)=bx C/m, where b = 5.2 nC/m2, is distributed along the x-axis from 4.9 m to 6 m.
Determine the electric potential (relative to zero at infinity) of the point y = 8.6 m on the positive y-axis.

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    Electric potential is scalar, so you just add the incremetnal parts.

    V= k INT dq/distance

    ok, distance= sqrt(y^2+x^2)
    and dq=lambda*x*dx

    V=k int lamda x dx /sqrt(y^2+x^2)

    V=k*lambda INT x/( ) dx
    = k lambda sqrt ( ) over the limits

    check all that.

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    So going on that

    V=[(8.98755e9)*(5.2e-9)*sqrt(8.6^2 + x^2)] from 4.9 to 6?

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