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Hi I have a speech to present and my professor gave me the outline on how to prepare it but I'm having a hard time setting it up. Is their any kind of way you can help me.

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    What is your speech about? What are the main points you want to make?

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    My speech can be about anything so I'm going to write and talk about scrapbooking because that is something I enjoy doing.

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    Good topic.

    What points do you want to make about scrapbooking?

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    Scrapbooking can be fun and release stress and it can be a good memory for yourself and for your loved ones especially if you have kids. You can also make birthday cards and invitations. More than anything scrapbooking can help you be creative. Does that make sense :/?

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    Yes, it makes sense -- but that's an awfully short speech.

    If you need a longer speech, you could show how you arrange a scrapbook, a few of the materials you use, and then show a completed scrapbook. Discuss each of these as you demonstrate.

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    Oh okay I see now. It's just seemed kind of confusing because I have never had a speech class before.

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