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As part of a fitness program, Annie walks for 35 mins on day 1, and increases the walking time by 8 mins each day. She completes the fitness program on the day she first spends more than 3 hours walking. The program is completed on what day?

This is how I did it.

3 hours would be equal to 180 mins.

180 = 35 + (n-1)(8)
180 = 35 + 8n-8
180 = 27 + 8n
153 = 8n = 19.125. If I round that, then it would be 20. So I had to round it to get an answer, am I supposed to get a whole number in the starting?

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    Yes. They ask what day. That would be day 20. At the end of day 19, she still had not walked for 3 hours.

    They didn't ask at what point she had walked three hours, but rather the day number.

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