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Thank you very much. I still have a few more sentences to check.

1)I hate doing shopping (“the shopping”?) and eating Chinese food. I attended the primary and middle schools in Italy. I’ve got a pimply face with a pimply nose and a normal mouth.
2) I’ve got small brown eyes like a Chinese with brown eyebrows. I do some football (better I play football).
3) I like reading war and car books (better: war books and car magazines) and collecting model cars.
4) I dress normal. Better: I wear casual/plain clothes. I live in the country. In the front of my house there is a courtyard with many flowers and trees.
5) In front of and next to my house there are two vineyards while behind there is a field and on the right there is a street.
6) I can see all my town from here (there?) . It’s a very hot and sunny place in the summer. I go to school in London/to London.I have four goldfish (?). I have a cat called Tex. It is like the fourth member of our family.

Merlin told Arhur that if someone wore it,he would never bleed.
But "when someone wore it, he never bled".

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