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Thank you very much. Here are some more sentences I'd like you to check.
I thought the sentence "In my family, we are in three" was incorrect.

1)I like doing a lot of things like hanging out with my friends, cooking with my mum and travelling with my friends.
2) I like playing football and volleyball with my nephews. I also like helping them with (their) homework. My other hobbies are playing the piano in the church (?) and playing the clarinet in the local band.
3) I like eating pizza, but I don’t like eating kiwi (?). I don’t like drinking milkshake (?), too.
4) I love spending time with people I care about and with people that make me laugh. I adore the summer, the summer rains and the long, sunny days. I hate waking up early. I also like (the) spiders and horror movies.
5) I play the clarinet in the local music (not musical) band and I take lessons of this instrument (better: clarinet lessons) in the music institute of my town once a week.

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    The comma after "family" is correct.

    1. comma needed

    2. "playing piano at church"

    3. Better: I like pizza, but I don't like kiwi. I don't like milkshakes either.

    4. "people who..." -- comma needed after "rains" -- delete "the" before "spiders"

    5. delete "music" and "musical" -- comma after "band" -- "I take clarinet lessons"

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