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Could you please check these sentences on the same theme? Thank you. I did the corrections you told me.

1) Humanists played a major role in shaping the new Church of England since they translated the Old and New Testament into English following the examples of other Protestant countries
2) James I also believed in the subjection of Parliament to the king’s will and insisted on strict conformity to the rites of the Anglican Church.
Catholics and Puritans were thus excluded from public offices.
3) James I believed that witches existed and secretly attended the trials of women accused of being witches.
4) His wife's arrival in Scotland was blocked by storms and James’s return to England was again threatened by storms. A midwife named Agnes Sampson was accused of being a witch and trying to destroy the king. At first she rejected all the charges against her, but then after being tortured she confessed.
5) A witch-hunt was organized (?) first in Denmark then in Scotland to find the witches, who had tried to kill James and his wife Anne.

  • English -

    1) end punctuation needed

    2) OK

    3) OK

    4) two commas needed

    5) two commas needed; one comma needs to be removed

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