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Could you please check the following sentences, please? Thank you very much.

1) enry VII was the first king of the Tudor dynasty.
His foreign policy aimed at making England’s tradition position stronger. 2) He also laid the foundations of the English naval power. He believed that shipping would increase England’s trade and military power.
3) Henry VIII succeeded his father in 1509. His reign was characterized by the Reformation, which arose from Henry’s quarrel with the Pope, (who had refused to grant him divorce from his first wife).
4) Henry VIII had been married by special dispensation to Catherine of Aragon, his brother’s widow, who some years later had given him a daughter, 5) Mary, but she was unlikely to bear him a son. He had fallen in love with Anne Boleyn, a lady-in –waiting and asked the Pope for a divorce in order to marry her.
6) As the Pope Clemens VII refused to declare his first marriage invalid (void), he broke with Rome and declared himself Supreme Head of the Church of England (Act of Supremacy). Parliament declared the king’s first marriage void. In 1533 he married Anne Boleyn.

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    1. need to proofread -- read it aloud.

    2. OK

    3. delete parentheses

    4-5. "was married" and "had given him a daughter" (past perfect not correct in the either verb; just use simple past)
    comma needed after "waiting"

    6. delete "the" in front of "Pope" - clarify "his" "he" etc. Why is the wording in parentheses there?

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