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thank you! I followed both of your guys advice. I also got enough sleep that I need, I am still getting good grades(i am not slacking off in any subject) I have all A's no B's. I haven't really been able to get to read alot of the links because my computer will make me exit whenever i click on a link on a website but for some reason not this website, that is a good thing though. I am no longer stressed out but more relaxed. What also helps me that when I listen to music while doing homework it helps me relax. Anyways i wanted to thank you for helping me!

  • for Ms. Sue and Writeacher -

    Yay!!!! I'm delighted!

    Thanks for updating on this good news.

    And you're welcome!

  • for Ms. Sue and Writeacher -

    Very good!! This is wonderful news!


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