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I can’t find appropriate synonym. In particular, I find it difficult to rephrase the following verbs: knock over, smash through and bounce through. Can you please help me??? Thank you.

1)Mr. Powell is counting the cost (synonym) after a teenage end-of-exam party in his home.
Last week Mr. Powell went on a weekend’s holiday to France. When he came back, he didn’t expect to find the disaster that happened.
2)He realized (found out) that his car windscreen had been smashed (I need a synonym: smashed, shattered, trashed, demolished, broken .. which are possible?), the roof of the car had been dented(I need a synonym: scratched, crushed, digged ) and the CD player had been damaged.
3)Further, a window had been broken and a clock had been smashed.
He said that the last time his daughter had had a party nothing had happened except that (?) a few bowls had been broken. He found out that the damage hadn’t been caused by his daughter but by the family cat, Pogo.
4)The car was therefore to blame for the cat-astrophe (this word is a play on words). Actually, Jessica decided to put the cat into (in) an upstairs bedroom because she feared he wouldn’t have liked it.
5) Pogo jumped onto a table near the window and knocked over (I need a synonym: ?) the clock.
6) The clock smashed through (rephrase) the window, fell onto the roof of the car and bounced through (rephrase) the windscreen. The cat then panicked (got frightened) and jumped off the table, onto the CD player.

  • English -

    counting the cost, counting the damages

    realized, found out, learned

    windscreen/windshield had been smashed, shattered, broken

    roof of the car had been dented, smashed

    3. OK

    clock smashed through, went through, went out

    bounced through, crashed into

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