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I have a few more doubts on your corrections. Thank you!!

1) Is it wrong to say "wipe the blackboard with a duster" or is only "clean" possible?
2) "do a course" is a mistake? you can only say "take/attend a course?
"take a tour, go on a tour, make a tour" are they all possible?
3) "two hours and a half" is a mistake?
4) You'll get an oral mark out of your holiday homework. I will ask you to summarize a different tale orally each time.
5) Our Science teacher is always very demanding and strict. She sets (not us) too much homework from one time to the next (other). I find it hard to keep up (??) with him.
6) We'll be listening to the news on the BBC to keep up to date with (?) what happens in the world.

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    1. No, you can say, "Wipe the blackboard," but you'd say "with an eraser" or even a rag or cloth. The word "duster" might be used in England, but I'm not sure.

    2. We say, "I'll take a course in German," or something like that. You can attend classes.

    3. Yes -- put the "and a half" right next to the main number.

    4. Does this mean, "You'll be given a grade on your class speech about your holiday"? "get an oral mark" is unfamiliar to me.

    5. Unless you are naming a specific class that includes the word "science," you don't have a capital S on the word.
    ~~ I'm taking two science classes next year.
    ~~ I'm taking Physical Science next year.

    I'd write, She gives us too much homework from one class to the next. I find it hard to keep up with her.

    6. OK (and yes, keep "with")

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