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How do you calculate the gravity of an object?

equation needed h=1/2 gt^2
Solve the equation for g; g=2h/t^2

Set height is 2 foot, dropped small object from 2ft, timed at 0.3 seconds. Calculate the gravity of the object.

Is this right?
2=1/2*9.8 t^2
Answer =0.64 or is it 0.64*9.8=6.26, answer being 6.26

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    g is the unknown in your Eq; you suppose to calculate it. T is 0.3s(given).

    h = 0.5gt^2 = 2 Ft.
    0.5g*(0.3)^2 = 2,
    0.045g = 2,
    g = 44.44 Ft/s^2.

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