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Thank you very much. Here are some other sentences I turned into indirect speech. Can you see if the reporting verbs are appropriate?

1) King Leodegrance was very happy about his daughter’s marriage to Arthur. He admitted that he was honoured to give his daughter to a courageous king.
2) He proclaimed that his gift to Arthur was the Round Table, which had belonged to his father, King Uther. King Arthur spurred the knights of the Round Table to fight against the enemy.
3) Arthur begged his wife, Guinevre, to come with him. He promised to protect her because her lovely presence gave him happiness and courage.
4) Guinevere replied that she was happy to follow him. One day a strange girl appeared to Lancelot, one of the knights of the Round Table. She begged him to follow her.
5) They stopped at a church. He saw twelve nuns who brought him a young man and told him to make him a knight. Lancelot didn’t realize that man was the son he had from Elaine, a lady he loved years before.
6)One knight incited Arthur to kill their enemies by surprise (to embush their enemies).
7) One day the Holy Grail appeared to Arthur. A green bowl covered with a cloth moved around the room carried by invisible hands. After a few moments, it disappeared.

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    5. Clarify those instances of "him" and "he" -- who's who??

    6. Who is "their" referring to?
    needs to be ambush (sp)

    All the rest seems fine.

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