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Thank you very much for your help.

I need to know if the use of reporting verbs in these sentences is correct.

1)Legend has it that Arthur was born in Tintagel, in Cornwall.
2)He was the son of Uther Pendagron,who became King of Britain in the year 493.
3) His councellor Merlin, who was also a magician, told him that it was safer to raise Arthur away from court.
The sentence to trasform is " Your son must grow up away from the court. It is safer".
4) Merlin gave him to Sir Ector and his wife, who took care of him and loved him like a son.
5) After (also on?) King Uther's death, Britain had no king.
6) Merlin went to the Archbishop of Canterbury and told (??) him that they needed a king. Merlin asked him to tell all the noblemen ... to meet at the great church. The original sentence is:"We must have a king. Tell all the noblemen of the kingdom to meet at the great church in London on Christmas Day.

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    When you type, there needs to be a space after every period, comma, colon, closing parenthesis, etc. When you run everything together like this, it's VERY difficult to read.

    Choose the correct word you want for #3.

    Also in #3 - the period at the end belongs BEFORE the quotation marks since that's a complete sentence.

    Not "also on"

    "told" = OK

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