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Questions on piecewise function graphing

Obviously I can't get help with the actual graphing here but I am hoping someone can push me in the right direction

Problem: f(x) {4, if 0<=x<2}
{5, if 2<=x<4}
{6, if 4<=x<6}

So how would I get started?
What does the 4,5 and 6 mean?

For example for the first equation x is greater than or equal to zero and less than two. So that that mean two of my points on a graph will have something to do with 0 and 1?

I know its a lot of questions but I am just hoping someone will push me in the right direction :)

  • Algebra -

    This function looks like a flight of stairs.
    Between 0 and 2, y is 4
    Between 2 and 4, y is 5
    Between 4 and 6, y is 6

  • Algebra -

    Ok, make your graph paper. For 0<x<2, y is 4. Draw the y=4 line from x=0 to x<2
    Then, from 2<=x to <4, y is 5. Draw the line y=5 from x=2 to x<4
    then y= 6 for the next step.

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