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I left out a few more sentences I wrote on castles. I need a synonym for "ways, way" and a revision of sentence 2. Thank you very much.

1) Castles came to Britain with the Norman-French invaders. Indeed, castles were a key part of their way of controlling new territories.
2) David first came into contact with the Norman-French ways (I need a synonym) when he went to England when his sister Matilda married the Norman King of England, Henry I (on occasion of his sister's marriage to..?).
3) He ended up staying in England for ten years. When he returned to Scotland, he had a Norman wife, a Norman education and English lands with Norman knights.
4) The Norman way of holding lands was this: the king gave his lords land in exchange for military service. These lords in turn gave part of their lands to other military men, knights, also in exchange for lands.
5) The king and all his lords and knights controlled their lands by means of castles. When David came back to S he also brought feudalism. He had castles all over Scotland because he never stayed in one place.
6) The castles also served as the centres of regional units of government called the shires.

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    Synonyms for "castle" --



    Norman-French ways/traditions/lifestyles/mannerisms

    2. David?? -- "... went to England after his sister..."

    3. comma needed

    4. Capital letter after colon when it's a complete sentence following.

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    ways, customs, ideas

    David first came into contact with Norman-French customs when he went to England for his sister's wedding. Matilda married the Norman king of England, Henry I.

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